Age: 10.02.1993

Gender: female

Eye Color: brown

Hair Color: brown

Weight: 55 kg

Height: 157 cm

Ethnicity: Lebanese

Country: Lebanon

City: Beirut

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The size is small but not sex appealing, as Mia Khalifa rose to porn stardom, the taps got harder. The Arab-American heritage known as the famous hijab pornstar has created controversy as much as fame. However, this trio D porn fireball has turned into fapas, which is the symbol of women’s rights, which deals with controversial issues and not only large breasts but also large balls to the world. From being the number one porn star on to overcoming industry legends like Lisa Ann sucking cock in a hijab, Mia Khalifa was in everyone’s tongue.

Petite hottie Mia Khalifa was born in Beirut, Lebanon, but grew up in the United States. Ms. Khalifa moved to Texas to get her degree, so they have big brains to match those big tits. A proud sexy cow. In fact, he prefers his men to be smart, and if he is an actress, this is even better. Big tits, big brains and big balls … The only big thing about Mia Khalifa is her height. It’s hard to get on a 5’2 inch petite and get on your knees to give him a blow job. But we absolutely love it when it gets on its knees, because Mia can absorb chrome from a trailer assembly. Favorite sexual action gives a blowjob!

Mia entered the skin with a burger joint on her way to the car. A client asked her if she was thinking about porn. He hoped to put his flesh only in buns, but this question surprisingly began to rise to stardom. When the hijab started making porn, Mia became the center of controversy around the world. He received criticism from the Lebanese government and death threats, but received unexpected support from influential Lebanese writers and public figures. With the exception of the taps, after the controversy, things never became difficult, and Mia Khalifa continued to earn her title as a hijab porn star by making more sex videos and webcam shows. He wants all women under pressure to know that it is appropriate to remove their inner bitches. It frees her breasts from bras, panties, cats and culture.

Her depiction of a headscarf as a woman sucking a cock put Mia at the center of cultural controversy, but she acted with grace and dignity. Mia Khalifa did not come back and said that Hollywood portrayed Muslims worse than ever. Throwing her DDD breasts into the figurative boxing ring, Mia Khalifa was never afraid to take any cock or fight (or porn queen).

The rapid rise of Mia’s sexual reputation overthrew Lisa Ann from the top of the Porndown porn star. Perhaps the infamous MILF petite XXX was just a matter of time thrown by newcomers. Fans were very excited about this, Lisa Ann and Mia Khalifa were prepared for tit and toes in Youtube’s iO Trendz in a streetfighter-style video where both fought.

Mia Khalifa leaped to the porn star, and unfortunately she left the industry as soon as possible. One of the most popular searches in the first months is the most popular porn star on Porndown.

Post-porn career, Mia calls herself a social media personality. He has a social media to rival many porn movie veterans. Mia Khalifa not only has a sucking cock, but also has the ability to go viral.

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